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 Thai Red Shirts today will hold demonstrations and rallies in 10 to 17, adding the government

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PostSubject: Thai Red Shirts today will hold demonstrations and rallies in 10 to 17, adding the government   Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:29 am

Thai Prime Minister Abhisit announced a state of emergency law in Bangkok after thousands of anti-government "Red Shirts" to continue staying in Bangkok central business district yesterday, and plans to take the initiative, launched today in 10 large-scale demonstrations in the local assembly, domestic 17 a government will respond to force the government to step down Abhisit. Some analysts pointed out Abhisit current dilemma, if the compromise early general election, a great opportunity to lose power; if the suppression of the demonstrators, bound to cause significant bloodshed, so the situation more volatile.

Many analysts believe that the Thai government is difficult to gain support outside of Bangkok, to calm the Government will use force, driven mainly by the peasants and working-class demonstrators speculation. With the demonstrators left behind in the area, shopping malls and luxury hotels stand, be regarded as a symbol of wealth disparity in Thailand, the authorities may not dare to act rashly. Once Wu Liqing field, could trigger mob looting, causing serious economic losses.

More than 300 scholars rally against the dissolution of parliament

However, the Red Shirts rallies nearly a month, the city's residents started himself, continuing to implement Abhisit pressure, required to take decisive action to end demonstrations. 14 303 university academics at the National University of Politics and gathering the night before last, against the dissolution of parliament, demanding the reinstatement of the rule of law.

Thai court to issue an arrest warrant, approved the arrest of demonstrators surrounded the parliament building to lead the seven leaders of the Red Shirts. Abhisit suspended yesterday to attend the ASEAN summit in Hanoi, Vietnam trip, because earlier the same day officials of the ASEAN Secretariat also pointed Abhisit scheduled to attend the meeting, national reporter on the news of his absence was sudden, and many give up the rest of Thailand's divergent , Interrupted national officials.

Bangkok, the situation remained tense yesterday, the
military has set up checkpoints outside Bangkok, Bangkok, to prevent the influx of more Red Shirts, and Red Shirts have linked most of the sites and TV channels have been closed, but the radio still broadcasting subsidiary . Red Shirt Army asked to re-open its satellite television channel, to the nation about the activities of the Red Shirts.

Red Shirt Army leaders: a state of emergency unconstitutional

Thousands of Red Shirts demonstrators continue to pull the center differential Pa Song junction assembly, demonstration leaders Huila warned they were prepared to "fight", even if the army called on demonstrators to have nothing to fear. Another leader forever. Are set Lagan said: "Today we will take the initiative, we can not just sit here and do <a href=" title="maplestory mesos">maplestory mesos</a>nothing, this is our right." He also refers to the state of emergency unconstitutional.

Red Shirt Army will today launch another large-scale gatherings. Interior Minister said yesterday that poor Wallachia, north and northeast are the Red Shirts in 17 House of assembly, solidarity with the protesters in Bangkok, but he reiterated that the authorities can control the situation.

Numerous reports of attacks in Bangkok late last night, army chief at the military headquarters in Punta Anu's office by M79 grenade attacks, one soldier was injured. The tile public road a supermarket being hurled hand grenades, two people injured; Democratic Party headquarters by the grenade attack, two policemen were injured<a href=" title="maple story mesos">maple story mesos</a>.
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Thai Red Shirts today will hold demonstrations and rallies in 10 to 17, adding the government
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