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 To be a Master Assassin in

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PostSubject: To be a Master Assassin in   Mon Jun 07, 2010 3:35 am

Maple Story is a game where the players can choose to be anything from a

to a thief to a bowman. One favorite character is a master assassin. If your goal is to become a master assassin, this guides from can help.

Create a character when your INT and STR are four or five. You may find that this takes a while to accomplish. Go to Maple Island in Maple Story and try to get as many ability points as you're able. You need to get at least 25. If you get more than 25, you don't have to save them all in DEX, but put them in LUK as well. Killing green snails is a good way to gain experience, as they're easy to kill. You want to make sure you reach level 10 before attempting to become a

Travel to Lith Harbor on Victoria Island and use the map provided in Maple Story to walk to a split in the road. Proceed to the top of the hill and go through the portal. You can choose either to walk along the path to Kerning City or die. By dying, you automatically transport to the next city, which would be, in this case, Kerning City.

Visit the Fusion Bar. You'll find it located next to the Internet Café and underneath the Famous Pharmacy. Meet the Dark Lord. He'll be lurking in the bottom of the Fusion Bar. Accept when the Dark Lord invites you to become a Rogue of Kerning City. Notice that you automatically gain a skill point, and your MP and HP goes up a little. Use the skill point to buy a Nimble Body.
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To be a Master Assassin in
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