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 Maplestory training areas in

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PostSubject: Maplestory training areas in   Fri Jun 18, 2010 5:48 am

This is a guide for good training areas for levels ranging from 10 through 50.If you have just started playing a archer in , then this is the portion you should read.

Level 10
At this level leveling is very easy until level 20. You should train on slimes, and orange mushrooms, although red and blue snails at this leevl are still benefitial during training. A map withfast respawn and is usually quiet is Henesys Hunting Grounds II and Hunting Grounds III. Also an advantage to this map is that there are many sniper platforms on the left side, and Henesys is also nearby, a good place where you can repot.

Level 15

The Kerning City Construction site is a good

option for levels 15-19. There is fast respawn and there are also good monsters for training there. Blue snails are optional at this level, but the stumps and orange mushrooms are the main training focus here. You can also train on the octopus which give good experience and you also need octopus legs for many quests.

Level 20-25

Kerning City Pqing is a very good option at level 21, although you may just waste your time if you miss pqes. Also, at the lower levels (21-24) people don't usually pick you for a Pq. Another good place to train is the Pig Beach. A precaution there is extremely fast respawn and the pigs may mob archers. Another thing to be careful about is the random spawning Iron Hog which will probably kill you. If you happen to find one just change channel. Another good option for levels 20-25 is the Ellinia tree dungeons. Horned Mushrooms drop pretty good money and the the Green and Horned Mushrooms will both give you good experience. You will also get a chance to get a pan lid which for archers is worthless, so you can sell it for extra mesos. A good place with exotic kinds of mushrooms are the Mushroom Park in Zipangu, which are a great option at this level since you should be OHKO (One Hit Knock Out) the mushrooms. Level 25-30The second job advancement is getting closer all the time! If you are in need of

, a good option is the orbis towers fighting jr.sentinels. They drop good money and you can also get bronze arrows from them. One of the best area is the Ant Tunnel. With extremely fast respawn and good experience, you can level up fast. Also, during the Mapel Birthday event, simply training there can gain you a Maple Hat or a Maple Dragon Axe.
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Maplestory training areas in
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