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 Energy Blow and Magic Claw in MapleStory

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PostSubject: Energy Blow and Magic Claw in MapleStory   Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:13 am

In MapleStory maybe most players agree that Magic claw is noticably better, but that does not mean taking energy bolt instead will ruin your game, it's still good - it takes less mp per use, does better damage at lower levels, and can knockback king slime in the kerning PQ.Claw is better, but that doesn't mean bolt is terrible.

Bows vs. crossbows: There has a different feel to firing, while they can feel a little slow the crossbows can show some very large numbers at times, but they do very well when the larger numbers can 1hit ko, pig beach is a good example. The bows feel much faster and smoother, and the damage has a nice average damage.
The Mage's main stat is INT. This stat increases magic damage and defense. It also increases the amount of MP you will get per level up. You'll be spending most of your stat points in here. LUK is the secondary stat. It raises availability and

decreases the amount of EXP you lose when you die. It doesn't matter what your INT and LUK are as long as you rolled at least STR and DEX as fives or lower. If you didn't get the stats you want click the little red dice next to your character at character creation.
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Energy Blow and Magic Claw in MapleStory
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