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 Sabitrama’s Medicine-Guide To Make Mesoe Faster

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PostSubject: Sabitrama’s Medicine-Guide To Make Mesoe Faster   Fri Jun 25, 2010 6:07 am

As a new player in

you can through Buy Maple story Mesos to learn some good experience. Doing quests is one of the important methods to make more Mesos. It is the easiest way to earn Mesos. And following I will give you one of the examples to show you how to do the quests, which you can visit

Quest name: Sabitrama’s Quest to make a Diet Medicine
Location: Sleepywood right by the hotel Sauna Place
Level required: 25
First of all, you need to talk to Sabtrama and then he will tell you to talk to Shane who is in Ellina. Then you should find Shane and talk to him. After that, he will ask you to pay some Mesos and bring you to get the flower for Sabitrame. This is another different task, but is easy. Finish the task to get the flowers at the very top. After getting the flowers, you should go to Sleepywood and talk to Sabitrama and he will reward you a great item. You can earn a full scroll or 10 elixirs. Also, you can sell the scroll for 800,000

. And this is quite a lot of profits. Moreover, if you want to continue to do the quest, you will be given a couple of ores every time and some EXP every time you finish.
Through you can get more valuable information. Also, there are some skills you can learn to make you level up faster.

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Sabitrama’s Medicine-Guide To Make Mesoe Faster
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