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 After leveling up to 120, you have gained enough Maplestory Mesos

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PostSubject: After leveling up to 120, you have gained enough Maplestory Mesos   Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:19 am

. You can gain much more through learning some tricks. Also, you can . However, you will need more of

. You can visit my website for more detailed information.
When you reach the level of 1 The 4th Job Guide In
20, you will get a new job advancement, which is the 4th job advancement, which is more powerful than any class. The following is something you need to know about each class’ individual advancement: White Knights become Paladins, Dragon Knights will be Dark Knights, Crusaders will be Heroes, Ppriests become Bishops, Mages will become Arch Mages, Rangers will be Bow Masters, Snipers will be Marksmen, Hermits will be Night Lord, and Chiet Bandits will be Shadowers.
In order to get the 4th job, you should talk to NPC to get the 3rd job advancement. And he will tell you to meet whom. For Bowmen, the NPC is Legor. For Warriors, it's Harmonia. For Magicians, his name is Gritto, and for Thieves, it's Hellin. Then you will be asked to get two items, one is a Heroic Star, the other is a Heroic Pentagon. These two items are dropped by Griffey and Manon. But you can get them through giving a Secret Letter of Spell scroll to Chief Tatamo in Leafre. Also, you can buy said scroll in the 44th floor of Eos Tower from someone named Vega.
After taking Heroic Star and Heroic Pentagon to your 4th job advancement NPC, he will give you a new skill book. Talk to him, and then he will give you a new job. You will gain 3 skill points and 5 ability points. Then in order to get the 4th job skills, you need to do quests.
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After leveling up to 120, you have gained enough Maplestory Mesos
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