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 The Guide Of Papulatus In Maplestory

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PostSubject: The Guide Of Papulatus In Maplestory   Tue Jun 29, 2010 4:48 am

Papulatus barely poses a threat anymore. It locates deep in the Ludibrium clock tower. However it is only accessible after completing a rather long and tedious quest. Some players do well in Papulatus, and they find Papulatus is a great method for you to make

and level up fast. Some players think it difficult to play. So let’s look at together.
Firstly, we should know what Papulatus is capable of. The bulk of the fight consists of the Papulatus Clock itself. Also, for the first stage is seldom counted, we regard Papulatus taking place in two stages.
The first stage is simply the summoning orb, it has reasonable touch damage while has little abilities. The first “true” phase of Papulatus is the Papulatus Clock; it has a wide range of abilities. Moreover, it has the direct damage magic attacks dealing around 1800 damage. Different from other levels, HP1/MP1 acts differently. After casting HP1/MP1, Papulatus will retreat, and it can avoid all attacks for about 5 seconds. It can also dispel, slow, attack buffs and summon two types of bombs. Papulatus also can heal itself and everything around it for about 20000 or so. At the end, it deals around 3100 touch damage.
The second stage is Papulatus. It can deal with 5000 touch damage, and has not other attacks. This stage is short and sweet, and takes no more than a couple minutes.
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The Guide Of Papulatus In Maplestory
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