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 Guides To Maplestory Quests

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PostSubject: Guides To Maplestory Quests   Thu Jul 22, 2010 4:44 am

In Maplestory, doing quests is an effective way to earn Also, you can
to level up fast. By doing quests, the players can gain experience, substantial rewards or other rewards. Also, there are many kinds of quests, but every quest requires your levels, some even has additional requirements, such as your jobs, fame, or the completion of another quest.
Accompaniment is the official name for the Party quests. Party Quest was created in the Global version, suspected for it was easier to type. It can be found in Henesys, Kerning City, Amoria, Luditrium, Orbis, Magatia and Herb Town.
Let's look one of the examples. Firstly letís look at Henesys, which requires you leveling up to level 10. It is the first accompaniment. You should go to an area where the party requires hitting plants using a melee weapon to obtain seeds of a variety of colors. After entering the place, you will see a lion named Growly, who will protect the area and explains the PQ. You should try your best to finish the PQ. In order to do that, you should place one of the various seeds on one of the six platforms. If you choose the right platform, the seed will change into a flower in a few seconds. If you choose the wrong place, you have to choose another platform till the platform is right. You should also make sure that the platforms do not change after you start a new PQ. When all seeds become flowers, there will appear a bunny and many monsters will attack it. You have to try your best to protect the bunny, so it can make rice cakes for Growly. It is a simple quest.
After finishing this quest, you will gain more Maplestory Mesos and level up to a new level. If you want to do the quests perfectly, you can visit our website: for more details.
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Guides To Maplestory Quests
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