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 How To Get New Skills In Maplestory

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PostSubject: How To Get New Skills In Maplestory   Fri Jul 30, 2010 5:26 am

Due to character professions that have more than 80 individual slills to choose from, Maplestory Europe is divided into separate categories. Thus the new players in maplestory can have enough choices to begin with, while it allows plenty of scope for variety. For example, for a beginner in maplestory, he can start all new characters but he can only be access to just three basic skills to help introduce the concept, one offensive, one defensive and one passive. When the players gain more

and more experience and even specialize as warrior, bowman, thief, magician, then they can level up to the next level of job specialization.
However, some of the skills are passive. And some of them are designed to improve your offensive or defensive abilities, such as the thief’s been Eyes ability. But others are more practical and should be physically activated to be used.
Your skills is based on how well you are trained in every case. When you gain
and levels, you will gain a large number of skill points to spend on your growing of your skills and capacity. That means that the more you spend on a skill, the more powerful it becomes.
Besides, you canin order to gain more currency to help you gain more skills and level up fast. If you want more details, you can click: for more information.

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How To Get New Skills In Maplestory
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