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 Fool missed opportunity

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PostSubject: Fool missed opportunity   Tue Sep 07, 2010 3:55 am

A white-collar workers in the joint venture to do, feel wholehearted appreciation of the superior vision not often think: one day to see if the veterans have the opportunity to demonstrate their own competence like it!
A colleague B, have the same idea, he argued, to know for CEOs to work time, reckon he would probably be when the elevator, he also flew this time

the lift, hope can meet veterans have the opportunity to can say hello.
C further their colleagues. His struggle to learn more about the boss, find out CEOs graduate school, interpersonal style concerns, there are well-designed a few simple weight of the opening, in good time to take the elevator operator, played several times with the chiefs hail After one day a long talk with the boss, soon to secure a better job. Fool missed opportunities, the wise man of good grasp opportunities, successful opportunities. Opportunities are only prepared, and this prepared the word, is not talking about it

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Fool missed opportunity
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